Pre-conference Workshops


Larry Davidson on Recovery & Psychosis

PhD of SAMHSA Recovery to Practice

Workshop outline



Professors Tony Morrison and Paul French on CBT and Psychosis

PhD on CBT for psychosis

Workshop outline


Mary Olson on Open Dialogue & Psychosis

PhD on Open Dialogue

Workshop outline


Maurizio Peciccia on Psychosis and sexual abuse: psychotherapy and art therapy

MD, Medical Director, Gaetano Benedetti Institute

places still available


Bent Rosenbaum on Psychodynamic Supportive Psychotherapy

MDSc on psychodynamic supportive therapy

Workshop Outline


Christine BraehlerChristine Braehler

Compassion Focused Therapy for Recovery after Psychosis



Keris MyrickKeris Myrick

MBA, MS, Associate Director of Consumer Affairs for SAMHSA, service user and former President of NAMI

places still available


L.B. LuteijnAssociated Prof. community psychiatry (em.) Jack A. Jenner,  Jack Jenner

M.D., PhD & Bert L.B. Luteijn, psychiatrist, M.D.

HIT (Hallucination focused Integrative Therapy): Preferred for AVH?


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